Om jämförelse mellan Groove Tubes matchning nummer med flera.

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The numbers I have in the maxi-matcher table are the numbers I prefer myself.

In the case of cathode biased EL84 amps these are also the numbers I use and a cathode biased amp with high numbers will do little more than run hot, sound harsh and generate a lot more heat. 

Maxi-Matcher to GT #6  (maxi-matcher settings)

6L6   20-25             400 / -48V

EL34  30-35             400 / -36v

6550  35-40             400 / -48v

KT88  38-40             400 / -48v

EL84  30-35             325 / -12V

6V6   28-32             400 / -36v

The above numbers are the plate current display numberrange that would correspond to a mid range (proper designspec) tube.  In this case a #6 GT rating was used to establish these numbers and the GT rating was verifiedby using published tube design data (from the RCA tubedata sheets).  As an example, a 6L6 spec tube would have been tested at 250 plate volts, 250 screen volts and -14.5vbias with a design target of 72mA plate current output asthe design expectation.  This tube on the maxi-matcher wouldhave a plate current readout of 20-22mA and would be a proper spec tube.

Mesa Boogie color scale to GT rating:

Red Orange   4

Green Gray   5

Blue White   6

Fender color scale to GT rating:

Blue      1-3 GT

White    4-7 GT

Red       8-10 GT